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As a non-profit organization, the Jet Aircraft Museum relies on dedicated volunteers and people like you who have a love and passion for aviation. A great first step to becoming involved or supporting the Museum would be to sign up for a membership. There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Museum, with more always in the works.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Hands on servicing of aircraft; as part o formal training program

  • Attend and complete ground schools for maintenance and pilot training

  • Ability to upgrade membership to include back seat flights in jet aircraft

  • Access to our warbird discussion forum

  • Volunteer opportunities throughout many parts of the organization

  • Serve on a variety of committees, both as members and chairpersons

  • Enjoying the camaraderie of fellow aviation enthusiasts

  • Voting rights at annual elections

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can:

Online Membership Enrollment

$100 1Year Membership Or Renewal

$2500 Lifetime


$50 Associate


$25 Junior JAM'ers Membership


Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Jet Aircraft Museum! Without volunteers, we could not find, save, restore, and fly these incredibly important pieces of Canadian History.

Every aspect of the museum is run with the leadership and assistance of volunteers.

Want to get involved? Simply contact us at or stop by and fill our a Volunteer Contact form.

Currently, JAM is looking for members/volunteers to participate in the following areas:

  • Tour Guides: The museum gets quite busy and we are looking for volunteers to be the 'Face of JAM'. Give guided tours and answer questions about the history of jet aviation! No previous knowledge is required.

  • Marketing: JAM is in need of volunteers who have experience in marketing. We are looking to expand our publicity, and improve the museum marketing platforms.

  • Simulation: Are you interested in flight simulation? JAM has a set of nine flight simulators and we are looking for volunteers to help us run, maintain, and improve our flight simulators.

  • Education Program: JAM's Education Program allows for Grade 6 classes to visit the museum to learn about the theory o flight, as per The Ontario Curriculum. We need volunteers to assist us with running this program when we have classes visiting. No prior experience with education is required.

All areas that can be worked in include:

  • Membership

  • Tours

  • Archives

  • Fundraising

  • Building Maintenance

  • Aircraft Documents and Library

  • Airshows

  • Jet Blast Days



"I was in awe at how interesting this museum is. I brought my four-year old son one week day morning because he's interested in airplanes. My son absolutely LOVED it!" - TripAdvisor

"This is truly hidden gem for anyone with an interest in aviation, but still very interesting for all comers." -  TriAdvisor

"Interesting place, fun for the children big and small" - Google


"EXTREMELY knowledgeable staff." - Google


"Really cool aircraft with really knowledgeable people working there." - Google

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Jet Aircraft Museum

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